With a quarter century record of success, Oklahoma Equine Hospital(OEH) is a three doctor, full-service health, wellness, rehab and reproduction team of specialists offering state of the art resources and scientific services for horses across the nation. 

Units of OEH both are located adjacent to Interstate 35 between Oklahoma City and Dallas, Texas. The main clinic and hospital headquarters is located at Ladd Road (Exit 101) between Norman and Purcell Oklahoma. The second clinic is on Oswalt Road (Exit 21) in the Red River Valley near Marietta, Oklahoma. In addition, OEH doctors and technicians travel widely to shows and make frequent farm calls. 

The founding physician is Dr. Joe Carter DVM, an avid member of NRCHA, NCHA and NRHA who travels extensively serving multiple shows and attending long-standing clients. A frequent animal health commentator on RFD-tv and other television shows, Dr. Carter's successful use of stem cells to promote skeletal horse injuries has been widely noticed. 

Dr. Jessica Carter-Arnold, DVM ACVS is a co-author of papers on stem cells science and manages the twin clinics. She also performs as a surgeon along with Dr. Matt Nimmo DVM ACVS. Both are trained in multiple surgical operations, but when necessary, summon other specialists for unique challenges. 

Overall, Oklahoma Equine Hospital is a professional, family-owned service dedicated to healing fine horses with a tradition of open consultation and candor about various medical needs, animal wellness and rehabilitation. Surgical and lameness treatments are backed by the latest technologies, science and the full-field experience of doctors and expertly trained technicians. 

Give OEH a call at (405) 288 - 6460 to schedule an appointment. Expect exciting results.

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Best vets in the world as far as Iā€™m concerned!
— Kelby Phillips, Trainer, Hickory Holly Time (pictured above)