Oklahoma Equine Hospital - Madigan Foal Squeeze


This foal was recently admitted to OKlahoma Equine Hospital under the most dire of circumstances.

WARNING: some scenes may be disturbing.

This foal was born on a Wednesday night. It was soon apparent things were not right. The owners lived many hours from any veterinary facility and worked tirelessly for days and nights to get this foal to stand and nurse. Despite their best efforts things were heading down hill fast.

On Saturday morning this foal was admitted to the hospital. Dr. Jessi Arnold & her team at OEH went to work, but the prognosis was grave.

His vital signs were ominous. His IgG level was 27. His body temperature was dangerously low. He was in septic shock. He was seizing.

It was necessary to use the Madigan foal squeeze technique 3 times along with intense nursing care over a 24 hour period to save this foal.

This is a video description.